• Basic to advance sketching, including perspective, background, organic anatomy and storyboarding

  • Pre-production for shots, including camera angles, story writing and storyboarding

  • Creating 3D environment according to VFX shot and camera handling for shoots

  • Creating 3D assets and characters with photorealistic textures for VFX shots and creating 3D lighting according to VFX shot (to match the real setup)

  • Industry workshops every month, which help students to understand what is currently happening in the industry

  • In-depth understanding of Matte Painting (background) for 3D shots

  • Students get to learn 2D compositing which includes live action footage and 3D effects, and 3D compositing, including composition of 2D shots and 3D assets

  • Opportunities to work with Toolbox Studio

  • Working with film and sound students to create a holistic project and getting insights into sound and live action films

  • 3D stereoscopy to create 3D videos, including depth, 2D and 3D

  • Create live action short film or advertisement by using 3D assets and 2D live action footage, including visual effects and 3D animation

  • Software covered: Maya, Mudbox, Photoshop, After Effects and Silhouette

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